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Smart Basal Thermometer

Smart Basal Thermometer

What thermometer to use for basal body temperature? shecare smart basal digital thermometer with App is a kind of bluetooth basal body thermometer automatically synchronized with the shecare App via Bluetooth after temperature measurement.

With a high accuracy of 0.01 degree, the basal body thermometer bluetooth thermometer also known as basal body thermometer, bbt thermometer, which can precisely track women's basal body temperature. It's one of the best basal temperature thermometer for ovulation for women.

The body thermometer App adopts our advanced "CARE+" algorithm to accurately predict the calculation of ovulation period, which provides a hormone-free way of birth-control.

Couples who are planning to have babies can also use this smart body thermometer for planning pregnancy.

How to Clean Your No Contact Digital Thermometer 

To clean a no contact digital thermometer:

 1. Turn off the forehead digital infrared thermometer and remove the batteries if possible.

2. Wipe the thermometer with a clean, damp cloth or cotton ball to remove any visible dirt or residue.

3. Use a cotton swab or soft-bristled brush dipped in isopropyl alcohol (at least 70%) to gently clean the sensor, lens, and surrounding areas. Avoid touching the sensor or lens directly.

4. Allow the no contact digital thermometer to air dry completely before use, or wipe it dry with a clean, dry cloth.

Note: Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for specific cleaning and care guidelines for forehead thermometer uses.

Shecare Smart BBT Thermometer Features

Shecare Smart BBT Thermometer Features

Shecare Smart BBT Thermometer Features
  • Bluetooth Installed, compatible with IOS/Android BLE SDK

    Wireless Data Synchronization. 

    As a smart thermometer company, we provide best basal temp thermometer with app tracking. Our Bluetooth basal thermometer technology has successfully assisted our customers to obtain BQB, DIMDI certification in the EU and North America.

  • With CE & FDA &CFDA Certification

    shecare is the only manufacturer with all the above certifications in China.

  • Clinically High Measurement Accuracy and Multiple Applicability with AI Algorithm

     ±0.09℉ / ±0.05℃, and convertible between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

    Oral & Axillary: high quality & elegant design, soft & flexible silicone probe.

Shecare Bluetooth Body Thermometer Functions

Shecare Bluetooth Body Thermometer Functions
  • Clinically High Measurement Accuracy
    Clinically High Measurement Accuracy

    The clinical accuracy is ±0.05℃/±0.09℉,the calibration temperature is 0.01℃/℉,the measurement will be done in 1 min.

  • How Do Basal Body Thermometers Work: Intelligent
    How Do Basal Body Thermometers Work: Intelligent

    The shecare basal digital thermometer with App uses the advanced "CARE+" algorithm to accurately predict the ovulation period, integrates 'multi-dimensional hormone time-series analysis', 'intelligent test paper deep learning' and 'natural language understanding technology'.

    Based on the natural cycle data of millions of our users, the menstrual period, basal body temperature, and LH test paper also known as LH ovulation test kit or ovulation LH test strip are combined, the combined analysis of cervical mucus data can more accurately lock the golden ovulation day and increase the probability of conception. You can track and view the menstrual cycle and ovulation forecast at any time.

  • Multiple Applicability
    Multiple Applicability

    Large LCD screen:  large screen display with backlight. The results can be read in the dark clearly. Shecare basal body pink temperature thermometer is easy to read after the temperature measurement is completed. 

    200 sets of data storage:  The smart body thermometer can store 200 sets of body temperature measurement data. There is no need to worry about forgetting to update the records--This ovulation test thermometer can upload the accumulated data to the shecare App via Bluetooth.

    Multi-purpose Bluetooth smart basal thermometer:  Our basal thermometer with app can be used for home medical temperature measurement, pregnancy management, pregnancy preparation, contraception, menstrual management,  etc.

How do You Measure Your Basal Body Temperature

Shecare Bluetooth Body Thermometer Functions
  • How do You Measure Your Basal Body Temperature

    The process of basal body temperature tracking is simple, but it does require some effort.

    1. Before getting up every morning, you can use a special thermometer designed for basal body temperature, or a digital oral basal thermometer also known as mouth thermometer or temperature under tongue. You can take oral, vaginal or rectal readings.

    2. If possible, take your basal body temperature monitor at the same time every day. This may mean that you must set an alarm. You should try to stay within 30 minutes of the average time. Before the measurement, you should have at least five hours of sleep.

    3. Draw the number of the basal temperature thermometer on the chart. You can use a fertility thermometer with app tracking or track it yourself on graph paper. Look for a temperature change of approximately 0.4 degrees recorded in 48 hours. When this change lasts for three days or more, it may be a sign of ovulation.

    4. Plan your most fertile days. About two days before you expect your basal body temperature to rise, you will be in your optimal pregnancy period. Remember, sperm can survive in your body for up to five days.

    5. If you want to use temperature method of family planning to avoid pregnancy, please be careful. If you are tracking your basal body temperature to avoid pregnancy, start on the first day of menstruation.

How to Use A Basal Thermometer for Ovulation

Shecare Bluetooth Body Thermometer Functions
  • How to Use A Basal Thermometer for Ovulation

    Most basal digital thermometers are taken orally, just like ordinary thermometers. But you can buy instructions with recommended vaginal or rectal temperature measurements (obviously, you will choose a method and stick to it!). 

    You should take your temperature at the same time before and after getting up in the morning every day. 

    Record your readings on a paper chart every day (it is usually provided with the thermometer, or you can download one and print it out) or use the body thermometer app digitally every day (choose the app you like or are related to the digital smart thermometer brand).

    Check for Mode-your BBT will rise by about 0.3C within a few hours after you ovulate, and it will continue to rise for two or three days. You are most likely to conceive about two days before your body temperature rises.

How does Shecare Smart Digital Thermometer Monitor the Change of Ovulation Temperature?

Shecare Bluetooth Body Thermometer Functions
  • How does Shecare Smart Digital Thermometer Monitor the Change of Ovulation Temperature?

    The day of ovulation should actually be the day when the digital basal thermometer is the lowest, but for some people it's not obvious; The truth is that after normal ovulation, progesterone will be produced, and the body temperature will rise by 0.2-0.5℃ into a higher temperature zone and last for about 14 days. Then the temperature drops and menses begin. This is one-period temperature change curve of women with normal ovulation.  

    Note: Female periodic curves vary in different cases, including ovulation, anovulation, polycystic, good pregnancy and abortion, etc., which should be analyzed based on the actual situation. 

Bluetooth Body Thermometer FAQs

Bluetooth Body Thermometer FAQs

What is the body basal temperature? + -

Basal Body Temperature (BBT), also known as resting body temperature,  refers to the body temperature measured after 6-8 hours of sleep, such as when you wake up from a deep sleep in the morning and your body temperature has not been affected yet by exercise, diet or mood changes.  BBT thermometer is the body temperature measured when the basic metabolism of human body is at the lowest level. It is the temperature measured around 6 or 7 am in the morning, when people already waked up but haven’t got up yet, which is also the lowest body temperature of human body during a whole day and night.  The temperature of the same position will rise with the slow awakening of the body even you don’t even move. And cold air will be brought into the mouth when the mouth is opened and closed, causing the temperature unstable. Therefore, the basal body temperature thermometers should be the firstly measured temperature, not later measured ones. If the first temperature failed to be recorded, then you have no choice but to replace it by later measured one.  Because with the body slowly awakens, the body temperature changes accordingly, it's not exact basal temperature anymore.  

How to maintain and clean the smart basal thermometer? + -

As the basal body temperature is measured by putting a thermometer in the oral cavity every day, so hygiene issues are highly concerned by everyone. First of all, the material of our bluetooth basal thermometer measuring head used is baby pacifier material, so there is no need to worry about safety issues.

After you buy smart basic thermometer from shecare smart thermometer company, you can clean the temperature measuring head with an alcohol cotton swab and then dry naturally. Or directly wash the temperature measuring head with clean water, (do not use high temperature water) (please note that the screen part can not get wet, or the bbt thermometer bluetooth will be damaged once the water get into it), and then dry with a clean towel or paper towel.

How to use basal body thermometer for the first time after receiving it? + -

After receiving Shecare smart digital thermometer:

1.Download and install the software.: You can search "Shecare" in the Apple App Store or Google App Store to download;  

2.Bind the smart thermometer to Shecare digital thermometer APP: Open the software, turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, click "My" interface, "My device", select "Bind device", click the icon of the Shecare smart thermometer, press the top button of the thermometer, and the binding is done when all the green check-off on the binding interface light up.

What if smart body thermometer forgets to turn on Bluetooth to upload temperature data? + -

Take Shecare smart basal thermometer as an example. The wearable bbt thermometer itself can store 200 groups of data. So it doesn't matter if you forget to upload the data, the data can be easily uploaded together to the Shecare APP by turning on the basal body thermometersr and your phone's Bluetooth.

Who can use Shecare basal body thermometersr? + -

Shecare smart thermometer is an exclusive smart basal thermometer for women. It can help you to accurately find the best time to have intercourse by confirming whether you make ovulation and evaluating the quality of the ovulation based on the measured basal body thermometer for ovulation, so that helping you to conceive high-quality babies and get pregnant quickly.  (It can also be used as a household thermometer)

Differences between Shecare Bluetooth Basal Body Thermometer and Others + -

The Shecare BBT thermometer with app can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, in support of iOS & Android 4.4 and above. The daily temperature data will be automatically uploaded to the Shecare APP. And you can choose to upload the data immediately, or upload 30 accumulated groups of data to the APP at one time. When it is used together with Shecare APP, the temperature data will be uploaded automatically, the basal temperature curve will be shown automatically, and your ovulation date will be analyzed intelligently, which is very convenient.

What should be paid attention to when using the Shecare smart basal thermometer? + -

1. Try to measure at the same time every day and measure immediately after waking up in the morning;  

2. In order to get accurate data, it takes about 90 seconds for measurement. We found in clinical trials that measuring for about 90 seconds is a good way to avoid errors that may appear during measurement. 

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