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Shecare Ovulation Test Tracker App

The smartest natural fertility tracker app for family care digital thermometer, a kind of period tracker and ovulation app, that automatically syncs, records, and explains your fertility hormone data in a way that is easy to understand.

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  • Accurate cycle & ovulation prediction

  • Manage Femometer devices & measured data

  • Intelligent ovulation test recognition

  • Automatic BBT charting & analysis

Pair Devices & Autosync Data with BBT Tracking APP

Pair your smart devices to the shecare app from china digital body thermometer supplier. Your data will be synced the moment you take a measurement. Manage data in the fertility and ovulation tracker app.

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Log Key Cycle Symptoms

Track all your fertility signs including BBT, LH & HCG tests  and even weight in the basal body thermometer with app.
Use the shecare app to stay updated about crucial changes of your fertility & entire cycle.

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Cycle Interpretation & BBT Chart APP

Auto-generate BBT chart in the app from your recorded data.
Interpret your fertility by combining all key symptoms(BBT, LH...).
Predict your fertile window & pinpoint ovulation with accuracy.

bbt chart app

Ovulation Test Result Recognition

Read your LH test strips with your phone, not your eyes.
shecare app will recognize Peak, High or Low of LH test results with home ovulation kit and hcg pregnancy rapid test dipstick

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