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Inventory of the Use of Basal Thermometers

As the use of basal body temperature to prepare for pregnancy has gradually become a trend, more and more women preparing for pregnancy have turned their attention to smart basal thermometers. There are three ways to obtain basal body temperature, oral temperature, rectal temperature, and vaginal temperature. According to people's usage habits and convenience, most of the smart thermometers on the market for people preparing for pregnancy are oral temperature measurement. Of course, you can also use mercury thermometers, but for safety and time-saving reasons, fewer and fewer women are using mercury thermometers. On the one hand, it is difficult to read, and on the other hand, oral use has certain risks. What are the precautions for using a basal thermometer?

1. Time of basal thermometer temperature measurement

When you sleep or are extremely relaxed, your body's core temperature drops. This low, dormant temperature is called your basal body temperature. Therefore, the temperature measurement time must be before waking up in the morning. Put the smart body thermometer at the head of the bed when you go to bed the night before, so you can take a direct measurement when you wake up in the morning! Try to keep measurements at the same time every day, with a time difference of no more than an hour and a half.

If you stay up late, work night shifts, etc., try to sleep for 3 hours before taking the measurement; if you don't sleep well at night or are woken up by children, you should sleep for at least another hour before taking the temperature. In addition, I secretly handed you a small note. If you want to be lazy, you don't need to measure your body temperature during your menstrual period. It does not affect the judgment of ovulation day.

2. How to measure temperature with a basal thermometer

Before waking up in the morning, put the basal thermometer probe into the sublingual hot pocket in the mouth, press the base of the tongue, and close the mouth tightly and cannot open it. Lie still and wait for the sound of the thermometer to sound the temperature measurement. Take it out of the mouth and close it, rinse the probe with clean water or wipe it with an alcohol swab, and then put it back on the head of the bed.

3. What should I do if the basal thermometer falls out of my mouth?

Can you put it back in your mouth and test it? Of course not. If you fall asleep halfway through the multiple temperature measurements, and then wake up with the thermometer falling out of your mouth, the best way at this time is to turn it on again, and then re-measure the temperature to ensure the accuracy of the body temperature data.

4. Forgot to turn on Bluetooth to upload body temperature data

Taking the Shecare smart basal thermometer as an example, the thermometer itself can store 200 sets of data, so it does not matter if you forget to upload it. When you have free time, open the Shecare BBT chart APP and the Shecare smart basal thermometer, and the data will be automatically uploaded to the Shecare APP.

5. Basal thermometer battery life

As far as the Shecare smart basal thermometer is concerned, the battery is located on the back of the product. The new product can be used for at least 6 months when you get it. If the battery is dead, you can go to the store or buy it online according to the battery model. If you accidentally drop it, you don't have to worry. The thermometer itself is generally not a problem. If you find that the thermometer shows abnormality after the fall, check whether the battery is in good condition!

6. How to maintain and clean the basal thermometer

Because it is something that is put in the mouth every day, the hygiene problem is very concerned by everyone. First of all, our temperature measuring head is made of medical material for baby pacifiers, so you don't have to worry about safety issues. The part of the temperature measuring head can also be rinsed with clean water (not hot or ice-free) after use, and dried with a clean towel or paper towel.

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