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Mysterious Basal Body Temperature

1. Basal body temperature is one of the important physiological characteristics of women's menstrual cycle

Taking the ovulation day as the dividing line, it changes periodically. The state when the human body is awake and very quiet, and is not affected by factors such as muscle activity, mental stress, food and ambient temperature, is called "basal state", and the body temperature in the basal state is called "basal body temperature". Measured before waking up in the morning. The body temperature of the forehead, ears, armpits and other parts is easily affected by the indoor temperature and cannot be analyzed as a basal body temperature.

In the normal menstrual cycle of women, the basal body temperature will be relatively low during the period from menstrual cramps to ovulation. Ovulation causes a sudden rise in basal body temperature of 0.2 to 0.5°C. The basal body temperature measured every day after ovulation will remain high until the eve of the next menstrual period, when the body temperature will drop to the original level again. Therefore, the specific time and regularity of female ovulation can be accurately captured by continuously measuring and recording the change rule of basal body temperature. As a professional digital thermometer manufacturer, Shecare provides different solutions for your health-care.

2. Advantages of smart thermometers compared to traditional thermometers

At present, the tools for measuring basal body temperature include mercury and electronic thermometers, as well as the BBT thermometer with APP that can be associated with mobile APPs (such as the Pregnant Orange Smart Basal Thermometer). Compared with traditional thermometers, the Pregnant Orange Smart Basal Thermometer has many advantages:

(1) First of all, it takes 5 to 10 minutes to measure with an ordinary thermometer. The body will be fully awake for such a long time, and the body temperature will rise. The body temperature measured at this time is much higher than the real basal body temperature, and the accuracy of ordinary thermometers is not enough, so it is difficult to see the subtle fluctuations of the basal body temperature. The smart thermometer only takes 1-2 minutes for each measurement, and the accuracy is as high as 0.01 ℃.

(2) Second, the manual animation of the basal body temperature curve is very troublesome and difficult to adhere to. The smart thermometer can automatically upload the body temperature data to the mobile APP, and draw the corresponding body temperature curve, accurately estimate the ovulation period, and print it for clinical viewing.

(3) Third, only a very small number of professionals really know how to analyze basal thermometers. The smart thermometer is combined with the mobile APP to intelligently analyze the body temperature changes according to the uploaded user body temperature information, so as to predict the ovulation period scientifically and intelligently.

(4) Fourth, factors such as colds, fever, stress, and staying up late can also cause fluctuations in basal body temperature, and individuals often cannot identify the relationship between these fluctuations and ovulation. The smart thermometer can combine these external factors to accurately predict whether there is ovulation.

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