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Natural Inoculation Method

Shecare's Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) identifies a woman's fertile period during her menstrual cycle through natural biological indicators - basal body temperature and cervical mucus. Through these indicators, the FAM helps women detect the beginning and end of the fertile period and helps women determine when to ovulate in a natural and healthy way. The Shecare BBT chart App can automatically graph basal body temperature to assist users in determining whether or not they are ovulating, observing hormone levels and learing whether or not they are experiencing a preterm miscarriage.

Advantages of FAM:

1. Detection of ovulation

By tracking and recording the status of cervical mucus and basal body temperature, women can effectively identify the window phase of pregnancy and whether as well as when they will ovulate. The accuracy of identifying the day of ovulation using FAM is as high as 89% compared to expensive, invasive vaginal ultrasound and hormone testing.

2. Rapid pregnancy

Intercourse within the window phase of pregnancy is effective in increasing the probability of pregnancy. If a woman is careful to have intercourse within the window phase of pregnancy, her chances of getting pregnant within 2 months are doubled. Having a clear window phase of pregnancy allows women to conceive quickly once they decide to become pregnant.

3. Superior to other methods (test strips, ultrasound)

The common ovulation test is a test that determines whether or not an ovulation event has occurred by measuring the values of LH hormone and estrogen in a woman's urine. The FAM is less expensive, more sustainable and produces more information than the ovulation test method. Shecare provides bulk ovulation test strips, contact us for more details.

Ovulation test strips can predict ovulation but cannot determine that an ovulatory event has actually occurred. The false positives for determining the occurrence of an ovulation event are upwards of 7%. This means that a woman will have an average of one false ovulation reported a year. In combination with basal body temperature, the FAM can provide clear evidence that ovulation has occurred.

The flow and pattern of cervical mucus cycles with a woman's biological cycle. The cervical mucus plays a very important role in the successful union of the sperm with the ovum. The probability of success in planning conception by observing and determining the status of cervical mucus is higher or equal to other means of predicting ovulation (including ovulation test paper tests, etc.). The probability of successful conception based on the observation of cervical mucus in the fertile phase is 29%, while the probability of conception in the less fertile phase is only 0.3%.

Even if a woman has no intention of conceiving, the information returned by the FAM fertility awareness method can help her better understand her own physical health. For example, FAM can reveal irregular or abnormal ovulation status, triggering the user's concern and timely medical attention; at the same time, this data can help gynecologists make a diagnosis and timely treatment. A young woman under 35 years old can be diagnosed as infertile only if she has not successfully conceived for more than one year. At this time, if the FAM data shows abnormal ovulation, doctors usually recommend medical examination and treatment as soon as possible, thus avoiding delays in the condition.

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