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Shecare Shares Experience of Pregnancy Preparation Method of Basal Body Temperature

When women are trying to get pregnant, they must have heard of basal body temperature pregnancy preparation. In fact, basal body temperature can not only improve the probability of pregnancy and confirm ovulation quality during pregnancy but also be an important way to monitor luteal development in early pregnancy. However, many women don't consistently monitor and record their basal thermometers. The steps and tips shared below will help you make a habit and stick with it. Although the method of measuring and recording basal body temperature is simple, it is strict and requires long-term persistence.

Ⅰ. Prepare a basal thermometer and a record sheet to record the basal body temperature

Get a professional basal body thermometer. Shecare provides best basal body thermometer. Unlike ordinary thermometers, basal thermometers display temperatures to two decimal places, and the more accurate the better. At the same time, prepare a sheet to record your basal temperature (if you don't have one, use a small square sheet of paper instead). Every night before going to bed, shake the mercury on the thermometer below 35℃ and put it on the bedside table or next to the pillow, so that it is easy to fetch. If you get out of bed to fetch a thermometer, your basal thermometer will rise, making the temperature record meaningless.

Ⅱ. Measure and record basal body temperature

You can start regular measurement from the first day of menstruation. Every morning before getting up, put the basal thermometer under your tongue for five minutes without speaking or doing anything. Then record the temperature on the thermometer sheet. For women who work shifts and night shifts, they can take their basal thermometer at the time they wake up four to six hours after each sleep. When recording, please fill your body condition in the remark column, such as cold, fever, tiredness, edema, lack of sleep, different wake-up time, alcohol consumption, lower back pain, lower abdominal pain, breast swelling, injection or internal medication, and travel, because these factors tend to affect basal body temperature. Special marks should be added when measuring basal body temperature.

Ⅲ. Make your own basal body temperature curve

From the first day of menstruation, record the temperature measured each day in small dots on the corresponding temperature record sheet until the day before the next menstruation. Finally, connect the dots sequentially with a straight line to form a basal thermometer curve for a menstrual cycle.

Creation method:

1. The abscissa means the date, and one square is a day. If you have a long menstrual cycle, you can make more squares.

2. The vertical axis means temperature. It can be started at 35.5℃, rising gradually from the bottom to the top. The scale is 0.1 ℃, and the highest temperature can be set at 39℃.

3. Leave more space at the bottom of the abscissa to record the events that happened in the corresponding days, because those events may an impact on body temperature, such as drinking, colds, nervousness, and staying up late.

4. Take your temperature every morning before you wake up and do any activities, mark it on the record sheet, and draw a basal thermometer change curve.

Shecare, a professional digital thermometer manufacturer, hopes to provide great products and service for female. We believe that with the shared steps above, you already know how to monitor and record your basal body temperature and make your own basal body temperature curve. Because it is very complicated to record and measure basal body temperature in this way, we recommend you use Shecare intelligent basal thermometer together with Shecare App. It can automatically upload the basal body temperature, automatically draw the basal body temperature curve, and judge the ovulation period intelligently, which helps you save time and effort. We wish all women who are preparing pregnancy can get pregnant quickly and naturally!

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