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Shecare's Smart Basal Thermometer Sales Have Increased Significantly, Making It More Trustworthy to Prepare for Pregnancy During the Epidemic!

Up to now, the cumulative online and offline sales of pregnant orange smart basal thermometers have exceeded hundreds of thousands! This achievement is due to the trust of the majority of fans who favor Shecare, and it is also the result of our continuous improvement and hard work on the smart basal thermometer.

1. Among the smart thermometers sold, we have summarized three points that users can trust:

(1) The smart smart basal thermometer helps them get pregnant quickly.

(2) The smart basal thermometer is very cost-effective.

(3) The smart basal thermometer has beautiful design and multiple functions, and can be used with APP.

In fact, this is also the precision, convenience and intelligence that we have been emphasizing in the design and manufacture of the Shecare basal thermometer with APP. It can not only help women determine the ovulation period through the intelligent AI algorithm, but also has high accuracy and precision, and it is very convenient to use with the shecare APP.

Also, let's talk about one important point for women. We all know that women's basal body temperature will fluctuate regularly during their physiological period. Through the combination of the Shecare Smart Basal Thermometer and the BBT chart APP, it can efficiently determine their ovulation, luteal, and follicular stages. And compare it with the previous body temperature data one by one. If you find that your body temperature fluctuates greatly from the historical body temperature, you must judge whether you are sick.

2. Shecare intelligent basal thermometer accurately determines the day of ovulation through the algorithm

Everyone's general perception of basal body temperature is "six lows and three highs", and it is only "six lows and three highs", including various "pregnancy preparation communities" and almost all pregnancy preparation apps on the market, which are used as ovulation algorithms. In fact, there are not only "six lows and three highs" for basal body temperature to find ovulation. The intelligent basal body temperature prediction algorithm of Shecare is based on the German sensi plan as the theoretical basis and supported by tens of millions of massive body temperature data. There are about a dozen algorithm patterns, and the basal body temperature algorithm of Shecare integrates artificial intelligence and deep learning, automatic learning and intelligent prediction based on user input, and the use of Shecare's basal body temperature algorithm to find the ovulation day with a higher probability.

Shecare smart thermometer can realize ovulation monitoring, menstrual management, and assist in disease prevention. Powerful smart thermometer combined with AI algorithm, worth buying!

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