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To Lock Ovulation, the Combined Analysis of Basal Body Temperature + Ovulation Test Paper is More Accurate!

When asked how to get pregnant quickly, Ma Liangkun, a well-known authoritative gynecologist in China, replied: The correct way to open conception is to seize the day of ovulation and applaud for love at the right time; however, for many women, to seize ovulation day is not easy for them. Based on years of clinical experience, Ma Liangkun gave three solutions:

1. Through basal body temperature monitoring

Basal body temperature is the body temperature measured by a person in a basic state (a state in which the human body is not affected by factors such as food, muscle activity, mental stress, environmental temperature, etc.), and can generally be measured before getting up in the morning.

It is recommended to put a thermometer under the tongue to measure for 5 minutes, and to record the temperature each time. It is best to make a broken line chart. If you are not pregnant this month, the next month can also be used as a time reference. When you measure your body temperature a sudden increase of 0.3-0.5°C one day, you may have ovulated, and "activities" can be arranged as soon as possible.

2. Ovulation test paper monitoring

Ovulation test bulk paper is mainly used to test the peak level of luteinizing hormone LH in the urine to determine whether ovulation is about to occur. You can start using it on the 10th and 11th day of your menstrual cycle, and continue to test it every day until the test strip shows a positive result. It is easier to get pregnant during the next 24-36 hours in the same room.

3. Ultrasound monitoring

Ultrasound monitoring usually starts on the 10th day of the menstrual cycle, but it needs to go to the hospital for it, which is more costly. The advantage is that you can see the changes in ovulation more accurately, and there are professional doctors to guide you during intercourse.

However, in a comprehensive comparison, ultrasound monitoring is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also a lot of money. Therefore, the only thing that can be really popularized by the public and let people get started quickly, the only accurate measurement is the method of joint analysis of ovulation test paper + basal body temperature.

Why is the combined analysis of pregnant orange intelligent ovulation test paper + pregnant orange basal body temperature more accurate?

We know that the ovulation test paper measures the LH hormone in the body, and the basal body temperature is the external manifestation of progesterone. The measurement of multiple hormones will confirm each other and reflect the measurement results more accurately.

In fact, in the principle of detection, the ovulation test paper determines whether a woman will ovulate by measuring the critical value of the hormone level of luteinizing hormone in the urine. If the luteinizing hormone reaches a peak, the ovulation test paper shows a strong yang state. Indicates that ovulation is imminent.

However, this method is only a prediction and cannot accurately determine whether a woman has ovulated. The basal body temperature can just solve this problem. After ovulation, every woman will secrete progesterone, which will cause the basal body temperature to rise by 0.2-0.5°C. By measuring the basal body temperature, you can determine whether there is ovulation.

Therefore, a single measurement method has limitations, and the combined analysis of ovulation test paper + basal body temperature has more practical significance. Professor G. Freundl from the Düsseldorf Hospital in Germany pointed out that the ovulation test paper method can predict ovulation, but cannot determine the occurrence of ovulation events; an increase in basal body temperature can confirm the occurrence of ovulation events, but it may occur 1 to 2 days before and after the basal body temperature rises. Ovulation, the ability to predict ovulation is not as good as the ovulation test paper method, and the ovulation test tracker APP can accurately combine the two methods for data analysis. Just like the weather forecast, the ovulation test paper predicts that it will rain tomorrow, and only when the ground is wet can we confirm that the rain is indeed raining (basal body temperature).

Compared with ordinary ovulation test paper, the advantages of pregnant orange smart test paper are as follows:

● The ordinary ovulation test paper predicts a broad fertility period, while the pregnant orange smart test paper can predict the day of ovulation;

● AI technology intelligently recognizes and interprets the test paper results, and does not require users to compare with colorimetric cards or help users to assist in confirmation;

● Automatically draw the LH index curve and give advice and guidance on intercourse.

Through the AI database model, Yuncheng APP intelligently judges whether the basal body temperature data is consistent with the ovulation test strip data to determine whether the user is ovulating. The time can be accurate to within 4 hours. When the test strip weakens from the peak day and the basal body temperature rises If the data is consistent, ovulation is basically 100% certain. If the data error is large, the user is prompted with questions. Clinically, the user's mood, physiological state, etc. will affect ovulation, and the combination of the two methods can help accurately find the cause that affects ovulation.

The combined analysis of ovulation test paper + thermometer temperature measurement can effectively prevent inaccurate test results caused by other unexpected factors, and increase the accuracy of ovulation determination, so that women can clearly and intuitively understand their ovulation status and grasp the specific ovulation time , Increase the chance of conception.

In addition, the combined analysis of ovulation test paper + thermometer temperature measurement also has many clinical significance. By observing one's basal body temperature, one can know the length of one's luteal phase and judge whether the corpus luteum is normal. The combined analysis of the two methods has increasingly become an auxiliary method used by doctors to determine whether a woman is ovulating. In daily life, women can also use this to help them become pregnant or contraceptive more effectively.

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