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What Are the Dangers of Having a Low Basal Body Temperature?

The reasons for low basal body temperature

Basal body temperature is usually lower in cancer patients from three years before the onset of the disease. The reasons are mainly twofold: first, people with low basal body temperature usually have weak immune systems and cannot effectively prevent the invasion of external toxic substances. Their ability to clear toxins is relatively poor, creating a prerequisite for tumor formation.

Second, people with low basal body temperature have slower metabolic rates, which slows down blood flow, making it easy to form blood stasis, phlegm and blood stasis, and causing phlegm and blood stasis to accumulate in some part of our body. Long-term exposure to this toxic evil can easily lead to tumor formation. We know that in chemical reactions, the same reactants generate different products at different temperatures. People with low body temperature are more likely to generate other substances, which is what we call tumors.

Just like wood that is placed in a damp, cool place is easy to grow mushrooms, according to traditional Chinese medicine, Yang is the main life-giving, Yin can form. For example, to turn the water we are drinking into gas, let it be Yang, because Yang is life-giving. Just boil the water and it will evaporate and turn into gas. If you want to make this basin of water take shape, you need Yin, so put it in the refrigerator and freeze it. This is Yang life-giving and Yin forming. Low body temperature is Yin, Yin is easy to take shape, which means it is easy to develop tumors, which are tangible.

The hazards of low basal body temperature

In our long-term work, we have also found that patients who are prone to stroke and those with three highs have similarly low basal body temperatures. The reason is that the low temperature causes the blood vessels to contract, leading to an increase in blood pressure, blocking blood vessels, and even causing cerebral infarction.

There is an experiment in which blood drawn from the same person was divided into two tubes, one placed in the refrigerator and the other at room temperature. After an hour, the blood in the refrigerator had solidified, with a thick layer of fat attached to the inner wall of the test tube, while the blood at room temperature had not changed much. So, for the same person, the flow rate of blood is different at different temperature environments, and when the temperature of the blood drops, the thermal movement decreases and the flow rate slows down, and the blood vessels may become clogged, causing various symptoms.

At the same time, we have also found that people with low basal body temperatures are prone to symptoms of coldness in the uterus. Nowadays, due to increased pressure, lack of exercise, irregular sleep and diet, etc., women are more likely to have low basal body temperatures. For women, the hidden dangers of low basal body temperature are particularly serious, because low temperature slows down blood circulation and gradually shrinks blood vessels. The blocked blood vessels in the fallopian tubes lead to low energy in the uterine appendages, eventually leading to gynecological problems such as uterine odor and uterine inflammation. Moreover, women with coldness in the uterus often have cold hands and feet, and their metabolism is not strong enough, often leading to symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, back pain, and so on. Therefore, to maintain good health, we must first raise our basal body temperature by half a degree.

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