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What is Basal Body Temperature and How to Use It to Prepare for Pregnancy?

Basal body temperature refers to the body temperature when a person just wakes up in the morning. At this time, the body temperature has not been affected by exercise, diet or emotional fluctuations. Therefore, the body temperature at this time can be called the "basic" body temperature of the day. By measuring basal body temperature every day, women can know their menstrual cycle, such as menstrual period, ovulation period, etc., and can also judge their pregnancy status and whether they are suffering from infertility. It can be said that we can read a lot of information from the data of basal body temperature.

1. We can know women's menstrual cycle from the records of daily basal body temperature

Every time a woman sees redness during menstruation, it is called a menstrual cycle. This cycle is about 21 to 35 days, and the average person is 28 days. The menstrual cycle can be divided into two periods before and after the ovulation day. Before ovulation, it is called the follicular phase, and the length of the follicular phase is variable; after ovulation, it is called the luteal phase. The luteal phase is generally 14 days, and it may be shortened or extended by one day. to two days. One day after ovulation, women enter the luteal phase, when the ovary forms a corpus luteum and secretes progesterone, which will increase the average body temperature of a person by about 0.6°C.

Under normal circumstances, high body temperature will continue throughout the luteal phase, and the next menstruation will begin after 14 days of the luteal phase. At this time, the corpus luteum shrinks and stops secreting progesterone, and the body temperature will return to the original level. In the second case, if a woman is pregnant, the corpus luteum will continue to secrete progesterone due to the hormones secreted by the embryo, so that the woman can maintain a high body temperature. In the third case, if a woman's ovarian function is defective, she does not ovulate and does not form a corpus luteum, then there will be no luteal phase for about 14 days, and her body temperature will always remain at a low level. Therefore, through long-term observation of changes in daily basal body temperature checking with smart basal thermometer, you can see whether your menstrual cycle and ovarian function are normal.

2. Using basal body temperature to prepare for pregnancy

Knowing the basic principle of basal body temperature due to menstrual cycle changes, how to use basal body temperature to prepare for pregnancy? First, if you want to have a baby, you can know your ovulation day by judging the date when your basal body temperature starts to rise. During the ovulation period, have sex every two days to increase the pregnancy rate; secondly, if you find that your basal body temperature has remained high for more than 16 days after the ovulation day, you can probably infer that you are pregnant, and you can arrange an obstetric examination ;Thirdly, after intercourse during ovulation, if the body temperature does not maintain a high level, then there is a possibility of infertility. At this time, you need to bring your basal body temperature record sheet for more than three months to consult a doctor and let them help you Judge whether you have infertility; Fourth, for women who do not want to get pregnant, you can avoid intercourse during ovulation according to changes in basal body temperature. Do not wait until the body temperature rises to have intercourse, when it is most likely to conceive. And you must take contraceptive measures when you have sex; fifth, no matter how long the low temperature period (follicular period) is, as long as your body temperature starts to rise, it means that you will have cramps two weeks later. In this way, you can arrange your itinerary or daily life reasonably, or ask a doctor to help you promote or prolong your menstruation, so as to avoid the embarrassment of inconvenience during menstruation.

After reading so much, some friends may ask, what are the precautions when measuring your basal body temperature? Let's take a look below. The first basic digital home thermometer is different from ordinary thermometers. Its scale is denser than that of ordinary thermometers, with 36.7°C as the dividing line between high and low temperature, and the unit is also different. For example, the scale of 24 represents 36.7°C; At the bedside, put it under the tongue immediately after waking up every morning for three minutes. If there is no time to measure in the morning, you need to measure at another fixed time every day, and do not exercise or stimulate, eat or drink too hot or too hot half an hour before the measurement; thirdly, after each measurement, it should be recorded on the form and kept properly so that it can be provided to the doctor for examination or self-examination in the future. In addition, on the day of menstrual cramps, the day of intercourse, or illness, fever, drinking, staying up late, etc. that will affect body temperature, it must be marked to ensure the accuracy of the basal thermometer.

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