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What is Basal Body Temperature and Why is It Important?

1. About the basal body temperature

When you sleep or are extremely relaxed, your body's core temperature drops. That's why you feel cold after a relaxing massage. This very low, the dormant temperature is called your basal body temperature and is very important for reflecting your physiological information. Basal body temperature should be taken the moment you wake up, after a good night's sleep, and before you get out of bed to do anything. Eating, drinking, chatting with a loved one, getting up, and brushing your teeth can cause your body temperature to rise from a dormant state and interfere with basal body temperature readings.

Basal body temperature can be measured through the mouth, vagina, and intestines. Oral measurement of basal body temperature is relatively common. In terms of recording physiological information, it is as reliable and effective as vaginal temperature measurement and intestinal temperature measurement. After all, the other two measurement methods may make you feel uncomfortable.

2. The importance of basal body temperature

If you're trying to get pregnant or contraceptive, the more you know about your physiology, the better. Long-term measurement of basal body temperature will tell you when pregnancy is easy, and most importantly, basal body temperature can determine ovulation, which is the easiest and most effective method without the intervention of an external doctor. It's simple, fast, cost-effective, and accurate. A record of your basal body temperature can confirm whether you have ovulated or not, which is not possible with urine test strips. The first question you need to know if you are trying to get pregnant or use natural birth control is "Am I ovulating? If so, when?" This is very important information.

Another thing your basal body temperature can tell you is the length of your luteal phase and whether it's normal. If your luteal phase is too short, or if you don't produce enough progesterone, it can spell trouble for you when you're trying to get pregnant. Your basal body temperature recorder will show the length of your luteal phase and you can see if it is within the normal range. Again, this is very important information, and a basal body temperature record is also the easiest way to get this information. Therefore, it is very important for you to choose the best basal temperature thermometer to make sure the temperature record is accurate.

3. Methods of obtaining information from basal body temperature

Women with natural menstrual cycles have a bidirectional basal body temperature pattern, which means your body temperature will have two phases. In a cycle (the first day of menstruation to the first day of the next menstrual cycle), the basal body temperature will be relatively low in the first stage, and the basal body temperature will be relatively high in the second stage. The first stage is called the follicular phase. This phase begins on the first day of each cycle and ends on the day of ovulation. Your basal body temperature will be lower during this period.

After ovulation is the luteal phase, the day you ovulate, your basal body temperature rises to a higher level and stays there for the rest of the cycle. During the luteal phase, progesterone is secreted, which is what makes your body temperature rise. Basal body temperature is also suitable for those who want to use natural contraception. Birth control pills and other hormonal contraception give your body the illusion that it has already ovulated, so it won't ovulate again. Because progesterone raises your body temperature, if you've been on hormonal contraception, your body temperature won't be in a natural biphasic pattern, it'll be consistently high. At the end of the luteal phase, your body temperature drops and you get your period. This is the start of your next cycle, and your next follicular phase. By noticing a drop in body temperature at the end of the luteal phase, you can confirm that you will most likely have your period that day.

All in all, knowing your own basal body temperature pattern can help you identify problems with your physiological information and help you get pregnant quickly.

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