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What's the Matter with the Ovulation Test Paper Showing Positive All the Time?

Ovulation test paper is a tool for judging whether a woman is ovulating by detecting the peak level of luteinizing hormone (LH). A positive ovulation test means that LH has peaked, meaning that the LH level in the urine approaches or exceeds 25mIU/mL.

Because the LH peak value of many mothers may be around 60-80IU/ml when they are preparing for pregnancy, but the test strips will uniformly display "positive".

Therefore, the ovulation test paper or bbt thermometer for ovulation keeps showing strong yang, which does not mean that ovulation is imminent, but a time range of up to 24 hours or 48 hours, and ovulation usually occurs in this interval. Then the LH value turns from strong to weak, and ovulation is completed.

Ⅰ. If the ovulation test paper results continue to be positive, there may be the following reasons

1. Individual physical differences

Hormone levels may vary greatly in different people and in different cycles, which will affect the results of ovulation test strips. Although most women's LH will complete the "increase-peak-fall" process within 48 hours, there are also a small number of women whose entire change process lasts longer.

2. Reasons for LUFS and PCOS

Unruptured follicle luteinization syndrome (LUFS) and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) may also make the LH value continue to be at a high level, which leads to the continuous strong positive of ovulation test paper.

3. Other reasons

When encountering situations such as improper operation of the artificial test paper, deterioration of the test paper, etc., the test result will also be abnormal. Such reasons can be ruled out first, and abnormal results caused by such reasons can be avoided by carefully reading the instructions and replacing with new test strips and accurate ovulation calendar from Shecare ovulation strip tracking for women

Ⅱ. Intended use of ovulation test strips

Bulk ovulation strips are used to qualitatively detect changes in the content of luteinizing hormone in women's urine in vitro, so as to determine the ovulation time and the "safe period" in women's menstrual cycle, so as to achieve the purpose of choosing the best time for conception or using the "safe period" for contraception.

Normal women will ovulate every month. After an egg matures in the ovary, it is discharged from the ovary and transported to the uterus through the fallopian tube. The pregnancy process is formed by combining a mature egg with sperm in the fallopian tube. Sperm can survive for about 24-72 hours in the female reproductive tract, and the time for an egg to be fertilized is only about 24-36 hours after ovulation, so 2-3 days before ovulation and 1-2 days after ovulation are the fertile period. That is, the 4-5 days before and after the ovulation day are the fertile period, and the ovulation test paper can reliably detect the peak level of LH, so that women can predict the best time for conception or contraception with results on ovulation test tracker app.

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