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Why is It Necessary to Take Photos with Ovulation Test Strips?

LH ovulation test strip is one of the most convenient and effective methods to detect ovulation. More and more users who prepare for pregnancy use ovulation test strips to help the preparation process. However, the result of human eyes interpreting the test strip is not accurate. The traditional method of tracking the change of the test result by sticking the test strip also has many problems. If you want to accurately identify and confirm the LH value through the ovulation test paper while keeping the historical test paper data, or you want to intelligently and accurately predict the day of ovulation, increase the probability of pregnancy and shorten the time for pregnancy, choose lh ovulation tests. Then it would help if you used the "medical grade" test strip photo tool to identify and record the ovulation test strip. Shecare provides bulk ovulation test strips, contact us for more details.

Ⅰ. Identification and confirmation of the value of LH ovulation test strip

LH ovulation test strip is used to predict whether there is ovulation or not by detecting the level of LH hormone in human urine. For traditional semi-quantitative ovulation test strips, users preparing for pregnancy can determine the LH result by comparing the color of the test line (T) on the ovulation test strip with the color chart's color. Generally speaking, test strips are used during the ovulation period. As the ovulation day approaches, the T-line becomes deeper and deeper. The day of the deepest T-line is the peak day, which means that ovulation will be around 12 hours; however, in the actual user experience, we found that the human eye is subjective. The color contrast on the ovulation test paper observed by the human eye is not accurate. Especially when the T line is deeper, the human eye cannot accurately recognize the LH value.

The camera function of the LH ovulation test strip can quickly solve the above problems. With just one tap to take a photo on the mobile phone, it can automatically recognize and accurately record the current color of the test strip and then use the background algorithm to accurately calculate the LH value. At present, there are many APPs on the market that take photos of ovulation test strips. Still, most of them accurately recognize the results and even errors. One of the most typical examples is that the definition of the national standard on positive is LH value of 25 and above. However, many APPs give a result of an LH value exceeding 25 when the test strip is still obviously negative. Such a result is "extremely irresponsible" for users! Under such guidance, the user will have sexual intercourse after seeing positive in the APPs, which is "ineffective" for pregnancy. It is a waste of time and energy. It will bring about the mental pressure of fearing infertility after making efforts for a long time. Therefore, we must choose a test strip camera tool with accurate recognition results and "medical attributes" when we choose.

Ⅱ. The problem of traditional testing ovulation: the sticking test strip is unhygienic and easy to oxidize

According to research, it is necessary to continuously record historical data of ovulation test strips for 5 to 7 days in preparation for pregnancy. The traditional method is implemented manually. After testing the ovulation test strips, arrange and stick the ovulation test strips according to the date, and collect them on the pregnancy diary. This method of collecting and sorting is not hygienic; secondly, it oxidizes over time, which may easily lead to errors in historical reading data on ovulation test strips.The camera function of the LH ovulation test strip can automatically and accurately identify the results on the ovulation test strip and automatically upload the LH data to the BBT chart APP to realize the recording and storage of historical data so that the user can view it at any time. 

Ⅲ. Intelligent and accurate prediction of ovulation day using the LH ovulation test strip

The "medical grade" LH ovulation test strip camera tool can achieve intelligent and accurate prediction of ovulation day. It is even more essential for women who want to get pregnant accurately and quickly. After you take photos with a mobile phone, it can give suggestions for using test strips and having sexual intercourse. Use the historical data on the APP to create a detailed chart of the complete ovulation cycle and the level of cyclic hormone changes for yourself to find the rule of your hormone changes.

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