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11 Tips for Proper Use of Ovulation Fertility Kits

1. Analysis of test results of ovulation fertility kit

(1) Negative results

Only one red band or the test line was lighter than the control line in the control line area of the home ovulation test. There is a red band, that is, the color of the control line, the detection line does not show color, indicating anovulation; The presence of two red bands, with the test line significantly lighter than the control line, indicates that there has not been a peak in urine LH, and daily testing must continue.

(2) Positive results

The home ovulation test has two colored bands and the test line is equal to or deeper than the control line. It indicates that the LH peak has occurred, indicating that ovulation will occur within 24 to 48 hours.

(3) Invalid results

When there is no colored band in the control line area of the home ovulation fertility kit, it indicates that the test failed or the reagent failed. In this case, read the instructions carefully again and retest with a new reagent strip.

2. The correct use of ovulation fertility kit

(1) commonly normal menstruation cycle is 28 days, push 14 days before next menstruation comes tide time to be ovulatory day, begin test from menstruation 11 days commonly, test 6 days all the time. But not every woman ovulates in the middle of her period, and the test may go six days without a positive result. Some women are sometimes affected by environment, mood and fatigue, may ovulate early.

(2) Water intake should be reduced within 2 hours before urine collection, as diluted urine samples can hinder the detection of LH peaks.

(3) The chromaticity of the test line should be observed and recorded during the test. If the test result is negative but the chromaticity of the test line starts to decline, it can also be regarded as the peak of LH.

(4) The family ovulation fertility kit should be observed within the prescribed time, and the result is invalid after 30 minutes. Some negative test results, after a period of time to observe, the position of the test line may appear a shallow ribbon, so observe the results within the specified time.

(5) Do not make the HCG level test strips damp or touch the reaction film before use. Please close the lid immediately after taking out the test strip. The test strip should be used within the validity period, do not use after expiration.

(6) HCG in urine will interfere with the test results of the test paper, so the ovulation fertility kit is not suitable for pregnant women. If the LH peak occurs for several days, the pregnancy should be tested first.

(7) At present, there is no report that common drugs (such as cold medicine, antibiotics, painkillers, etc.) affect the accuracy of the test, but if the injection or taking drugs containing HCG, etc., will affect the accuracy.

(8) Patients with primary hypogonadism, amenorrhea caused by ovarian failure, and polycystic ovarian syndrome can lead to abnormal increase of LH. Pituitary-hypothalamic lesions, amenorrhea and galactorrhea syndrome, psychogenic anorexia, simple pituitary LH deficiency, and delayed puberty can lead to abnormal reduction of LH, so the test results should be judged based on clinical analysis. In addition, taking hormones, steroids and contraceptives or having endocrine disorders such as hyperthyroidism could affect the results.

(9) Oviposit test paper test is not absolutely accurate, miss ovulation and LH peak of abundant clinical case, many women can only detect the weak positive (representing the ovulation or already ovulation) and detect strong positive, this does not mean that no ovulation, this kind of situation is best oviposit test paper together with the basal body temperature monitoring.

(10) Ovulation is a complex physiological process. Sometimes, the appearance of LH peak does not necessarily lead to ovulation, and the formation of normal corpus luteum does not necessarily follow ovulation. If the LH peak is measured and the patient is not pregnant after 3 months, consult your doctor.

(11) Can not use ovulation fertility kit to contraception, because before ovulation, the same sex may still be pregnant.

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