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Basal Body Temperature is Very Useful

As individuals using "natural fertility", "basal body temperature prediction of ovulation and its effectiveness" has been questioned and misunderstood. Until now, natural fertility has not been well known to most women, but it's also disturbing to repeatedly hear about people's misconceptions about basal body temperature. Therefore, Shecare will tell you something about basal body temperature today. Shecare recently came across a quote on a fertility forum: "My gynecologist told me that my basal body temperature was unreliable and that I didn't need to waste time taking my temperature every morning." This is not true. Basal body temperature is very reliable. Shecare provides bluetooth basal thermometer, contact us for more details.

Ⅰ. Basal body temperature pattern is a reliable indicator of ovulation

Shecare searched relevant information, and a scientific study shows that the biphasic basal body temperature pattern is a reliable indicator of ovulation. Keeping track of your basal body temperature does give you a clear idea of if and when you're ovulating. Observing your basal body temperature will help you find the fertile window. In this sense, if you rely only on basal body temperature to find the fertile window, it is not absolutely reliable. Similarly, only observing the cervical mucus or identifying the position of the uterus is not a reliable way to determine the fertile window. The best way to confirm your fertility is to record your basal body temperature every day and observe the cervical mucus at the same time. The observation of cervix position can be an additional item.

Ⅱ. If you don't have a biphasic basal body temperature pattern during a cycle, there are several possibilities

1. There is no ovulation during this cycle.

2. Your thermometer is not accurate enough.

3. You are not using your basal thermometer properly.

To make sure you're getting the most accurate temperature, it's recommended that you use a high accuracy digital thermometer. Shecare basal thermometer will be more sensitive to subtle changes in your body temperature than a standard thermometer. You should also try to take your temperature at the same time every morning (and get at least 3 hours of nightly sleep)——After waking up but before getting up and before doing anything else.

Do you want a smart basal thermometer that is highly accurate, fast and comfortable when it is put in your mouth? Try Shecare smart basal thermometer. It can automatically upload temperature data with Bluetooth, and the App automatically draws the temperature curve, which is intelligent and convenient, giving you an amazing experience!

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