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Can Ovulation Test kits Detect Early Pregnancy?

Many female compatriots believe that using early pregnancy test paper to detect early pregnancy is both convenient and fast. However, there will be another group of women who have such questions: can home ovulation test kit detect early pregnancy? Let's take a look at the functions of ovulation test paper and whether it can really detect early pregnancy.

The use of home ovulation test kit to detect early pregnancy may not be accurate

Doctors will not recommend us to use ovulation test paper to detect early pregnancy because the accuracy is very low. Although the testing principles of early pregnancy test paper and ovulation test paper are basically similar, they both have two lines, and the two lines of early pregnancy test paper are very easy to cross-react. However, in medical judgment of pregnancy, the general standard is based on a set of early pregnancy test paper.

Because cross-reactions may occur, sometimes ovulation test paper may also have a certain reaction to early pregnancy. But this reaction is not accurate. So it is still recommended that you try to use early pregnancy test paper to test, which will also appear particularly rigorous. At least, if you are really not pregnant, you don't have to be happy for nothing.

Correctly using home ovulation test kit to test ovulation

Using ovulation test paper to calculate whether ovulation occurs is very cheap, accurate, and convenient. It is a good method for women to self-test their ovulation period.

Women can start testing on the third day after their menstrual period is clean, and test once a day until the test paper gradually shows stronger, then increase the frequency of testing, test every 4 hours as much as possible, and try to test to a strong positive. Ovulation occurs when the strong positive turns weak, and it is the easiest time to conceive during this period of intercourse.

When using home ovulation test kit to test, be sure to collect urine in a clean and dry container, avoid using morning urine, preferably at 10 am or 8 pm, and start testing every day at the same time after the menstrual period is clean. Pay attention to reducing water intake 2 hours before collecting urine, because this will dilute the urine and detect the peak value of luteinizing hormone (LH).

The use of ovulation test bulk is very simple. Dip one end of the test paper with an arrow mark in the urine using lh ovulation test kit, and take it out after about three seconds, then lay it flat and observe the result for 10-20 minutes. The result is read within 30 minutes. The liquid level should not exceed the MAX line. Keep testing for several days until you see two bars that are equally deep or the second bar is deeper than the first bar, which means you will ovulate within 24-48 hours. There is a possibility of pregnancy during intercourse from 3 days before ovulation to 3 days after ovulation. If you see two bars, you can have intercourse on the day of ovulation, and then have intercourse every other day because the survival time of sperm is 48-72 hours.

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