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Doppler Baby Heart Monitor: Listen to the Baby's Beautiful Fetal Heart Sounds

When expectant mothers go for a check-up, they will listen to the baby's heartbeat under the guidance of a doctor. The sudden noise like a small train represents the future and hope of every family, which is very exciting. However, when you want to listen to this kind of magical voice that is unique to life, the doctor says, "Okay, you can get up."

At this time, at home fetal heartbeat monitor comes in handy. Whether it's in the first, middle, or third trimester, if you feel a little worried about the baby in your stomach, just take it out and listen. Fetal heart sound is directly related to the baby's health. With it, you can monitor your baby's safety at any time at home, and you can also let your husband listen to your baby's heartbeat. After all, men stop in obstetrics and gynecology. As a father-to-be, it would be a shame if you haven't even heard the heartbeat of your baby! Next, pregnant oranges will introduce the relevant knowledge of Doppler Baby Heart Monitor!

1. Introduction of Doppler Baby Heart Monitor

The Doppler fetal heart rate monitor is mainly used as an electronic instrument for fetal heart rate monitoring. General maternity hospitals provide fetal heart rate monitoring. Home Doppler fetal heart rate monitor is one of the common home fetal heart rate monitoring equipment, suitable for pregnant women over 16 weeks of gestational age to detect the beating frequency of fetal heart rate at home. Family self-monitoring of the fetus is an indispensable link to achieve eugenics and post-natal care.

Pregnancy Orange Smart Fetal Heartbeat Device is convenient and compact, easy to use, and smart. It is used with the Pregnancy Orange App. It is mainly used to detect fetal sounds, record fetal movements, draw instantaneous fetal heart rate curves, and permanently save fetal sounds and fetal heart rate curves. This is actually a commemorative process. After the baby grows up, the mother can take out the pregnant orange smart fetal heart, and let the child see how he was when he was a fetus.

2. The role of Doppler Baby Heart Monitor

Doppler fetal heart rate is mainly used to monitor and record the baby's heart rate. Generally speaking, mothers can hear the baby's fetal heart rate after 15 weeks.

The normal heart rate of the fetus is between 120 beats/minute and 160 beats/minute. Too fast or too slow fetal heart rate is a problem, but the general fetal heart rate with fetal movement does not indicate any problems with the fetus. It is often that the risk of a slow fetal heart rate is greater, suggesting that the fetus’s intrauterine reserve is reduced and facing the danger of ischemia and hypoxia. When there is an abnormal fetal heart rate, it is necessary to carefully analyze the situation and make correct judgments and treatments. The doctor handled it in time.

Just go to the hospital for prenatal check-ups on a regular basis, and most of them cannot detect fetal hypoxia in time. Pregnant women can also use Doppler fetal heart rate monitors for self-monitoring of fetal heart rates. For high-risk mothers, only strict self-monitoring of the fetal heart rate can ensure the normal growth and development of the fetus. For general pregnant women, self-monitoring of fetal heart rate can keep track of the health of the fetus and prevent possible accidents.

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