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Five basic body temperature warning functions for women

Basal body temperature, also known as resting body temperature, is the body temperature measured after 6-8 hours of sleep before the body gets up, eats, speaks, or exercises. Basal body temperature is the lowest body temperature of the body during a day and night, and it is mainly used to measure the body's metabolism and hormone levels. Basal body temperature is found in both men and women, but in men it hardly changes from day to day, while in women it is more complex due to reproductive hormones that regulate constant changes in body temperature.

The basal body temperature of a normal woman takes the day of ovulation as the cut-off point, showing a state of low temperature before and high temperature after, which is medically known as "biphasic body temperature". Before ovulation, when progesterone is low, the body temperature tends to be low, usually 36.2℃. After ovulation, the body temperature rises sharply, generally by 0.3℃-0.6℃, so that the basal body temperature reaches 36.7℃, with a high temperature trend. After understanding this curve, you can judge your health status accordingly. To summarize, female basal body temperature has the following 5 functions.

1、Basal body temperature detects the development of the corpus luteum

The next day after ovulation, the ovaries form the corpus luteum, the health of the corpus luteum is directly related to the health of the uterus and the chances of pregnancy. If a woman presents an atypical biphasic body temperature, i.e. a persistent temperature rise that lasts less than 14 days, it means that the corpus luteum has shrunk prematurely; if the maintenance time of the temperature rise is normal, but the amplitude of the temperature rise is small and insufficient, it means that the corpus luteum is underdeveloped and the amount of progesterone secretion is insufficient.

2、Basal body temperature to grasp the good opportunity of conception, detection of early pregnancy and early pregnancy safety

If you wait until your basal body temperature checking with a smart basal thermometer reaches a high temperature and then have sex, you will miss a good opportunity. Also, you can tell if you are pregnant by looking at the basal body temperature diagram of a digital thermometer. If the high temperature lasts for 16 days, there is a 97% chance of pregnancy, and if it reaches 20 days, there is a 100% chance of pregnancy. If the basal body temperature curve in early pregnancy gradually decreases, it indicates luteal insufficiency or placental malfunction, and there will be a tendency to miscarriage, so it should be paid extra attention.

3、Basal body temperature to identify the type of amenorrhea

Some women have unexplained amenorrhea, according to the basal body temperature can also initially determine the lesion site of amenorrhea, if there is a low front and high back indicates that the uterus may be the lesion site, and vice versa, the lesion may be in the ovaries or the pituitary hypothalamus site.

4、Basal body temperature reveals polycystic ovaries

If the high temperature period is short, and in severe cases may continue to be low, it is likely that you have polycystic ovary syndrome. Women suffering from this condition tend to be fatter, have more acne, thicker hair, and regular irregular menstruation. Women with this condition usually have familial inherited diabetes and are at high risk for gestational diabetes if they become pregnant and have children.

5、Basal body temperature to monitor ovarian function

If the cycle of basal body temperature shortens, the original 28 days, slowly becomes 24 or 22 days, the high temperature period will also be correspondingly shortened, it means that the ovaries are not functioning well, which will affect female estrogen secretion, damage the sex life, damage female skin quality, skin tone, if the ovaries fail, but also let women menopause early.

If a woman has a good grasp of the changes in her basal body temperature, it is like having a health observatory. So, how exactly should I measure my basal body temperature? Before going to bed each night, put the basal thermometer in a place where you can reach it. Immediately after waking up in the morning without doing any activity, place the thermometer under your tongue for about 5 minutes. It is necessary to measure more than 3 consecutive menstrual cycles for the measured data to be indicative. Record the daily measurements on the temperature sheet and connect them to a curve. Also, record any factors that affect the temperature such as cold, sexual intercourse, insomnia, menstrual period, etc. on the sheet. Grasp the pattern based on the records over a period of time, and urge us to promptly check for health risks.

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