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Guide for the Use of Infrared Forehead Thermometer

There are a wide range of thermometers such as common mercury thermometer, red outer ear thermometer and infrared forehead thermometer, so how to use them for temperature measurement?

1. Classification of Infrared thermometers

The non-contact infrared thermometer is mainly divided into the infrared forehead thermometer, the outer red ear thermometer and the infrared sieving instrument, which all use the object thermal radiation and the object temperature relationship to measure the temperature. However, according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, in order to reduce exposure and to be convenient, simple and quick, the forehead digital infrared thermometer and outer red ear thermometer are used in this epidemic.

2. Attention needed to be paid before infrared thermometer Measurement

First of all, an accurate temperature measurement requires the elimination of interference factors. Air, water vapor, and shielding can change the radiation curve of an object and lead to inaccurate temperature measurements. Ensure that the probe of the thermometer is free from dust and water vapor, and that the forehead and ear canal of the tested person are free from sweat, hair, dust and hat. Measurement environment requires no wind in the indoor, and working environment is higher than 16°C. In the cold weather outside, the measured temperature is not referencial, which is abnormal work.

Next, the measurement mode and measurement unit. Smart digital thermometer has two modes, surface temperature and body temperature, which should be paid attention to. It should be measured in degrees Celsius, not fahrenheit degrees F, and the difference in the numbers is striking.

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