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How Long Does It Take to Ovulate After the Home Ovulation Test Shows a Strong Positive?

1. The ovulation time after ovulation testing kits show strong positive

Nowadays, many older women often choose to use ovulation test strips to detect the ovulation period because of the reduced probability of pregnancy. Generally, a strong positive ovulation test strip means that you are about to ovulate or that the time of ovulation is very close. At this time, the follicles may mature, and the hormones in the female body have reached a higher concentration, and when this high concentration of hormones accumulates to a certain extent, ovulation will occur. Therefore, choosing this time to have intercourse is more likely to conceive. So how long does it take to ovulate after ovulation test strips are strong? Under normal circumstances, ovulation will occur within 24 to 48 hours after the ovulation test strip shows a strong positive.

Couples who want to have a baby can choose to have sex within 24 to 48 hours after the home ovulation test strip is strong at home, and the chance of having a baby is greatly increased! Some studies have found that the vitality of the eggs is the best within 24 hours after the release of eggs, which can reduce the probability of miscarriage and slow development of the baby. Therefore, it is generally recommended to use semi-quantitative ovulation test strips with higher sensitivity when measuring ovulation. In addition, if the dipstick test changes from a strong positive to a negative, it also shows that intercourse is the most fertile time at this time. But it is worth noting that ovulation is not immediately after the ovulation test strip is strong, but it is possible to ovulate at any time within 48 hours. Therefore, if conditions permit, you can choose to use ovulation test strips to test every 4 hours, which can well capture the time of ovulation. This is more troublesome, but it can also effectively improve the chances of conceiving. However, this law is not universal for everyone, because the amount and duration of hormone secretion are different for different people.

2. The duration of strong positive on ovulation testing kits

Generally speaking, 1 to 2 days before the ovulation period, the secretion of LH luteinizing hormone changes from weak to strong, and the ovulation test for women shows a weak positive gradually to a strong positive. When the ovulation period really comes, the luteinizing hormone in the body will decrease, and the ovulation test paper will change from strong yang to weak yang. After the ovulation period is strong, it is the golden period of intercourse, so how long does the strong ovulation test paper last? Generally, this period is about 48 hours long.

However, everyone has a certain difference in this, some people last for a long time, and some people don't even have 24 hours. But according to the general law, the law is that there will be a peak of luteinizing hormone secretion after the home ovulation test strip is strong, and this peak will stay for a day at most, even only a few hours. But there are exceptions. Some people have more than one day of peak illness, but strong yang has been detected for more than three consecutive days. In this way, there are two possibilities. One is that ovulation occurs, which usually occurs after the last day of strong yang; The other is that there is no continuous peak of ovulation. In this case, it is necessary to measure the basal body temperature. The basal body temperature can confirm whether ovulation has occurred. All of the above situations vary from person to person, so if women want to accurately improve the chance of pregnancy, they need to do a lot of research and try on their own to find their own rules.

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