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How to Improve the Accuracy of Ovulation Test Paper?

Ovulation test paper is believed to be familiar to many female friends. If you want a baby, you will use ovulation test paper to measure your ovulation period and get pregnant more easily. Many female friends may not be particularly aware of when and how to use ovulation test paper and some matters that need to be paid attention to when using home ovulation test kit. The following is to introduce how to improve the accuracy of ovulation test paper. Shecare hopes it can help you!

1. Definition of home ovulation test kit

In the middle of menstruation, the secretion of "luteinizing hormone" in the body will increase rapidly, and these hormones can stimulate the discharge of eggs. Ovulation test strips are used to estimate the time of ovulation by detecting the amount of "luteinizing hormone" in a woman's body. Female friends can use home ovulation test strips to detect their own ovulation and ovulation test tracker app date to conceive or prevent pregnancy.

2. Methods to improve the accuracy of home ovulation test kit

(1) Check the results within half an hour after the check? If there is no result in half an hour, then it can be judged that the test has failed. The result can definitely come out in half an hour, if there is no result, it can be discarded and re-measured the next day. Sometimes the result is negative, but as long as you wait patiently for a while, there will be a faint line.

(2) Ovulation test paper is not a contraceptive tool? Since sperm can survive in the body, there is a possibility of pregnancy even if you have intercourse before ovulation. Don't use this method of contraception, statistics show that 58.4% of couples who were intimate before ovulation still conceived a baby.

(3) Will the drug interfere with ovulation results? Some medicines can cause ovulation results to vary. Certain medicines such as those containing HCG can interfere with the results.

(4) Ovulation time is not eternal? Women may ovulate early due to work, environment and other influences. Generally, women will be tested 10 days after the "big aunt" ends, and the home ovulation test will be carried out continuously for a week. Although basically accurate, not every woman will ovulate during this period, and some women are likely to ovulate early. This has a lot to do with work, environment, stress, emotions and so on.

(5) Ovulation test paper is not suitable for pregnancy? During pregnancy, hcg in women's body will rise. Because HCG can interfere with the results, this method is not suitable for pregnant women. You may test positive for several days, and there is a good chance that you are already pregnant.

(6) Ovulation test strips are not 100% accurate? Ovulation tests are not 100% accurate. Although this method has a 90% accuracy rate, it does not mean that it is really 100% accurate. Some people have not been able to detect a strong positive, and always found that it is very weak. This does not mean that you did not ovulate. You are likely to be ovulating at this stage, so couples who are expecting a baby can still get intimate at this time, and it may work.

(7) Drink less water within 2 hours before the test? Drinking water may dilute the urine and cause inaccurate results. Try not to drink water or drink less water within 120 minutes before the test to ensure the accuracy of the results.

(8) Keep the test strips dry? Usually put the test paper in a ventilated and dry place. Make sure the home ovulation test strips are dry and do not allow them to be disturbed by any other moisture. In addition, it is necessary to check the shelf life of the test paper, if it is used beyond the limit, it is likely to affect the result.

(9) Will certain ovarian diseases and hormonal drugs affect the results? Ovulation test strips are easily affected by diseases and hormones. Suffering from ovarian diseases or pituitary-hypothalamic abnormalities, or taking hormone drugs or endocrine-regulating drugs will affect the results. Such friends should consult a doctor first, and then determine which method to use for testing.

(10) Record test results? Care should be taken to record and compare the test results. Changes in the results of the test strips should be recorded at all times. Sometimes the results are negative, but you will find that the color of the lines in the test will become lighter and lighter. Then regard this result as positive, that is to say, you can make a reasonable judgment based on the actual result.

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