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Methods of Determining Strongly Positive Ovulation Test Paper

If you want to know what is a strong positive state on ovulation test paper, you must take it step by step and not be in a hurry. Well, today we will talk step by step.

1. Ovulation test paper how to see is a strong positive?

(1) Testing time. The most accurate ovulation test is conducted every morning from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. And in the first two hours before the bulk ovulation test strips test you must drink less water, otherwise it is easy to affect the test results.

(2) Be sure to pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of the utensil. If not clean, it is easy to affect its sensitivity, and in the process of testing can not exceed the max line, if more than will be invalid, the insertion time of at least 3 seconds, and then put equal wait.

(3) If the test result shows that the two bars are the same red or the first bar is darker than the second bar, then it is considered strong positive.

(4) If you have ovulation strips positive, you must continue testing the next day. Only then will you be able to test for a change from strong to weak. Only when you find such a situation will you know whether your previous one was a strong positive or not. We also provide BBT thermometer bluetooth for you to monitor your basal body temperature.

2. Is it normal to have a strong positive ovulation test for three days?

In this process of ovulation, there are many women who have a strong positive ovulation test for three consecutive days. Does this belong to the normal situation? First of all, let's take a look at the abnormal situation: the biggest possibility is that a woman's lh luteinizing hormone is much higher than the average person's secretion. If you happen to use ovulation test paper at this time, this result is not accurate, we can use other methods, let's say with ovulation meter test or basal body temperature, etc.

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