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Ovulation Test Stick: What is the Difference Between Qualitative, Semi-Quantitative, and Quantitative Detection?

LH hormone (luteinizing hormone) fluctuates regularly within the menstrual cycle, ranging from 0-180miu/ml, and its normal value is usually below 25miu/ml. A LH peak will form 1-2 days before ovulation day, and the follicles will develop and mature under the dual stimulation of LH and FSH hormones to ovulate. LH hormone is a reliable indicator for predicting ovulation time, as it is highly correlated with ovulation time. By monitoring LH hormone changes, ovulation time can be found.

Principle and classification of ovulation test stick

The principle of ovulation test stick is to find the ovulation time by detecting the changes in the value of luteinizing hormone in urine. Common ovulation test sticks are divided into three types: regular (qualitative) ovulation test stick, semi-quantitative ovulation test stick, and quantitative electronic ovulation pen. Differences in LH qualitative, semi-quantitative, and quantitative detection:

  • Qualitative: above or below 25.

  • Semi-quantitative: interval value.

  • Quantitative: accurate value.

Ovulation test stick is a qualitative test and is disposable

The LH value detection range is 0-25, with low accuracy and sensitivity, and cannot provide specific LH detection values. When testing, if the test line color is the same depth as the control line and deeper than the control line, it is a strong positive result. If the test line color is lighter than the control line color, it is a weak positive result. When LH value exceeds 25, regular ovulation test sticks cannot judge the trend of LH changes and therefore cannot predict the specific ovulation time.

The semi-quantitative home ovulation test kit is also disposable, with an LH value detection range of 0-65 or 80, and medium accuracy and sensitivity. It is equipped with a color card standard, and the LH range can be roughly determined by color comparison, without displaying specific LH values. It can predict ovulation within about 2-4 days.

The quantitative electronic ovulation pen is a professional medical-grade ovulation detection device that can be recharged and reused. It has high accuracy and sensitivity and is suitable for a wide range of people (irregular menstruation, endocrine disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome, etc.). The LH value detection range is 0-165, and it has a dedicated ovulation test tracker APP that can accurately detect the specific LH value and generate a peak value curve to accurately grasp the ovulation day.

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