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shecare+ FAMs SDK

The Shecare Fertility Management Method - FAM, combines the hcg urine test dipstick and ovulation test bulk to intelligently identify the SAAS SDK and uses natural biological indicators-menstruation, basal body temperature, ovulation predictor data, and cervical mucus to identify a woman's pregnancy period.

Fast pregnancy, natural contraception, menstrual management: Detect the beginning and end of pregnancy, and help women determine when to ovulate in a natural way.

Assist health problem prediction: AI-assisted prediction based on basal body temperature, LH curve, and symptom characteristics.

shecare+ FAMs SDK

Provide content

  1. SDK: the SDK integrates Bluetooth, algorithm result call, result display and other related functions, so one SDK call can start to use our algorithm.

  2. Demo app can confirm the SDK integration process through the ovulation temperature app.

  3. SDK related documents.

How to integrate

  1. App needs to embed SDK first.

  2. When the user uses the app, initialize the algorithm data.

  3. Later users need to call related SDK interfaces while modifying data when using app.

  4. Call the SDK to display the results of related algorithms and intelligent analysis.

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