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Pregnancy Can Be Judged by Basal Body Temperature

We have also talked a lot about basal body temperature. One of the benefits of recording basal body temperature is to help you judge whether you are pregnant. Of course, it also has many benefits, such as saving money and knowing your true pregnancy date, which can calculate the exact date of birth of your baby.

Ⅰ. Other key points for judging whether you are pregnant

Although the basal body temperature record sheet can provide very useful clues, you also need to undergo a pregnancy test or assist in judging whether the menstruation is coming. Regardless of whether you are pregnant or not, progesterone changes significantly after ovulation, which will bring some trouble to your judgment, because progesterone is also present in large quantities in the first trimester.

Ⅱ. Judging whether you are pregnant through basal body temperature

Generally speaking, to judge pregnancy, your bbt thermometer must be maintained at a high level for a period of time, at least 15-18 days. So don't get too excited before confirming that the number of high temperature days is enough. Because if the high temperature lasts for 14 days or less, it may also be your normal luteal phase (that is, the period before menstruation). When you are menstruating, your body temperature will drop. Of course, the waiting may be more tormented. Once you have passed the 14-day threshold, you can judge whether you are pregnant or not in several ways.

(1) The number of days that your body temperature has continued to be high is at least three days longer than the number of days in the luteal phase of your previous cycle. For example, your previous recorded luteal phase is at most 15 days, and your body temperature has continued to rise for 18 days in this cycle, then It is possible that you are pregnant.

(2) If your basal body temperature rises to 3 new highs in a row, it is very likely that you are pregnant. This usually occurs 7-10 days after ovulation, but this is not the case for all pregnant women.

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