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The Basal Body Temperature Chart is a Woman's Fertility Assistant

The basal body temperature curve chart is a fertility tool for many female friends. It is cheap and accurate to use it to measure ovulation, so it is favored by many sisters. In fact, the function of this small chart can not only tell you whether you are ovulating, when you ovulate, but also Help doctors determine the function of the corpus luteum in patients. Today, I will start with the most common usage of basal body temperature, and talk about the magic of this small picture.

1. Know your basal body temperature

The so-called basal body temperature refers to the body temperature measured when you are awake and quiet, and are not affected by mental stress, muscle activity, food, and ambient temperature. This requires women to open their eyes every morning from the first day of menstrual blood, not to get up, not to brush their teeth, not to drink water, and the first thing to do is to pick up the basal body thermometer bluetooth at your bedside and put it in your mouth (under the tongue), remember It is the temperature of the mouth instead of the armpit, because the temperature in the room is high or not, and the quilt is not tightly covered, which will affect the temperature of the armpit, and the oral temperature is constant. After the basal body temperature measurement is completed, record the body temperature, and continuously monitor until the next menstrual cramp. Take the menstrual days of the day (counted from the first day of menstruation) as the abscissa, and the body temperature (recommended to be 0.1°C per cell) as the ordinate. The daily body temperature is plotted on a coordinate graph and connected into a curve to form a basal body temperature graph. The current smart basal thermometer from the professional digital thermometer manufacturer is equipped with an App, which saves the trouble of manually filling in the drawing, automatically uploads the basal body temperature data, and automatically draws the basal body temperature curve.

The basal body temperature of normal women is biphasic, that is, the high temperature phase and the low temperature phase. From the first day of menstruation to before ovulation, this period is the follicular phase, which is a low temperature phase; the body temperature is the lowest on the day of ovulation; The luteal phase is a high temperature phase, because the progesterone secreted by the corpus luteum after ovulation can adjust the basal body temperature to increase by 0.2-0.5 °C. Sisters, start your man-making action on the first day when your body temperature rises!

2. The magical use of basal body temperature curve

If the basal body temperature chart is only used to monitor ovulation, then it is too big! This little basal body temperature graph doesn't just help you monitor ovulation. Check if there is a high temperature phase. If there is no ups and downs, it means that there is no ovulation in this cycle. If there is a high temperature phase, count the days of your high temperature phase. If the time is shorter than 11 days, it means that your corpus luteum continues to secrete. The time of progesterone is not long enough, that is, "luteal insufficiency", such patients often show shortened cycle, or although the cycle is normal but the follicular phase is prolonged and the luteal phase is shortened, such women of childbearing age are often not easy to conceive or miscarry in the first trimester; if until The next time your menstrual cramps, your high temperature phase has not ended, and the body temperature does not drop after menstruation, it means that your corpus luteum atrophy is incomplete, that is, it should shrink but still secrete progesterone, resulting in incomplete shedding of the endometrium, manifested as Menstrual bleeding was spotty and dripping, and the menstrual period was prolonged. From this point of view, although this graph is small, it has a great effect, and female friends can make full use of it.

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