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Using Methods of Ovulation Test Strips

When it comes to pregnancy, there is a lot of uncertainty. But for all women, there is a basic understanding that women with regular menstruation have a higher chance of pregnancy than women with irregular menstruation. The reason behind it, of course, is closely related to ovulation. Because women with regular menstruation, ovulation is relatively regular, so when consummate they can better grasp the timing of ovulation, so as to get pregnant quickly.

However, in real life, women with irregular menstruation are the norm for most people; in the face of pregnancy, the inability to find the ovulation period has become a "stumbling block". There are many people, on the way to prepare for pregnancy, struggling to find the ovulation period and falling short of success. So, what's a good way to find ovulation? For most sisters, the most commonly used method is naturally ovulation test strip monitoring. However, many people do not know enough about ovulation test strips, which leads to a lot of twists and turns when using them.

1. The advantages of Shecare ovulation test strips

There are three elements in the purchase of ovulation test strips: high sensitivity, strong specificity, and good professionalism. Most of the common test strips on the market are divided into ordinary ovulation test strips and semi-quantitative test strips. However, ordinary test strips are qualitative test strips, which have great shortcomings in sensitivity and detection range, and can only superficially distinguish negative and positive, if the LH concentration is insufficient or the LH concentration is high, it cannot be accurately detected, resulting in unrecognized results. Shecare provides bulk ovulation test strips, contact us for more details.

Semi-quantitative test strips use a semi-quantitative production process, but this technology is expensive and professional in use. For ordinary people, it is often necessary to buy half a month's dose to test, which is also very inappropriate.

(1) High sensitivity

Shecare smart ovulation test strips can more accurately measure the LH peak. Ordinary test strips can measure only 0-25, and only the ovulation period can be found; while the Shecare smart ovulation test strip adopts the industry's top semi-quantitative test strip production process, and the LH parameter range that can be measured is 0-65, which can can lock the ovulation window at the hour level.

(2) Strong specificity

The Shecare smart ovulation test strips adopts a new reagent formula, which can effectively identify the specific value of LH in a complex hormone environment, and the Shecare intelligent recognition algorithm is based on artificial intelligence, deep learning technology, and the recognition accuracy of the test strip is close to the level of the human eye; And the test strip recognition algorithm uses the QR code on the test strip to perform cloud calibration, which effectively solves the batch difference in the test strip production process.

(3) Good professionalism

Shecare smart ovulation test strips can be combined with basal body temperature to determine the day of ovulation, when the test strip detects that the peak value becomes weak; (the peak value is different due to individual differences, there are three measurement standards of 25, 45, 65), and when the basal body temperature and the influence of pregnancy hormone rise by 0.2-0.5 ℃, ovulation can be basically determined. Therefore, sisters who use test strips to monitor ovulation can consider Shecare smart ovulation test strips. In addition, the Shecare smart ovulation test strips can be used in combination with the basal body temperature.

2. How to use Shecare smart ovulation test strips

(1) Fill in the accurate menstrual period information in the Shecare APP.

(2) After the start of the easy pregnancy period predicted by the Shecare, use the Shecare smart ovulation test strips to detect the LH hormone in the urine, and upload it to the Shecare APP to analyze the test results.

(3) When the APP analysis result is weak positive, arrange consummate once every other day, and insist on testing once a day.

(4) When it is detected that the peak is weakened, it is the day of ovulation, and it is necessary to arrange consummate immediately on the same day.

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