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The Use of Infrared Thermometer and Matters Needing Attention

1. How to use infrared thermometer

Contact infrared thermometer. Take the ear thermometer as an example:

(1) Turn on the machine.

(2) Gently pull the auricle to straighten the ear canal, fix the head, insert the sensor into the ear hole and align the eardrum, and start temperature measurement. Note that when measuring, the ear thermometer sensor should be inserted into the ear hole in the direction of the eardrum. If the eardrum is not aligned, the measured temperature will be lower than the actual body temperature.

(3) The screen displays the ear temperature value, records the value, and the temperature measurement ends.

Non-contact infrared thermometer. Take the forehead temperature gun as an example:

(1) Turn on the machine.

(2) Point the forehead digital infrared thermometer to the center of the forehead—above the center of the eyebrow and keep it vertical. The measuring part cannot be blocked by hair. If there is sweat, it should be wiped dry. The distance from the forehead is recommended to be about 3-5cm.

(3) The body temperature is displayed on the screen, the value is recorded, and the temperature measurement is over.

2. Daily care of infrared thermometer

(1) External dirt: Wipe the dirty place with a clean soft cloth dampened with water, or wipe with a cotton swab dipped in medical alcohol. Wiping with medical alcohol can also have the effect of sterilization and disinfection. Pay attention to not too much water or alcohol, so as not to flow into the interior and cause damage to the infrared thermometer of the human body.

(2) Internal dirt: The internal infrared detector is an important device, do not touch or press it with your fingers or other objects, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the measured value. When the infrared thermometer is found to be dirty, please wipe it with a cotton swab moistened with 95% absolute alcohol.

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