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Ovulation Detection Test and Early Pregnancy Test Strips, Don't Mix Them Up

Many sisters who are trying to conceive have a bunch of test strips at home, only to realize when they use them that there are two types of test strips for ovulation and pregnancy, and they end up being confused. What exactly are the differences between them? How should they be used correctly?

Differences between ovulation fertility kit and early pregnancy test strips

  • Different testing purposes. Ovulation fertility kits detect whether ovulation has occurred, while early pregnancy test strips detect whether pregnancy has occurred.

  • Different detection principles. Home ovulation test kit detects luteinizing hormone (LH) levels to indicate ovulation, while early pregnancy test strips detect human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) levels to indicate pregnancy.

  • Different testing stages. Ovulation fertility kits are usually used 3-5 days after a woman's period ends, while early pregnancy test strips are usually used around 14 days after intercourse or embryo transfer.

  • Different testing times. Ovulation fertility kits usually require urine collected around 10 o'clock to be tested, while early pregnancy test strips usually require the first morning urine sample to be tested.

Correct methods for using ovulation and early pregnancy test strips

Many sisters will use bulk ovulation test strips to check themselves at home. If they are not used properly, it is easy to get inaccurate results and cause inconvenience.

Ovulation fertility kits

The principle of ovulation fertility kits: A surge in luteinizing hormone stimulates ovulation. In the one or two days before ovulation, levels of luteinizing hormone in the body will increase about 2-5 times or reach a peak. Home ovulation test can detect changes in luteinizing hormone levels in urine, and are also a signal for the best time to conceive.

Usage: Before using an ovulation fertility kit, urine should be collected in a urine cup or the test strip should be dipped into the urine during urination. The instructions for using different ovulation fertility kits may be slightly different, but urine collected between 10am and 8pm is generally preferred, with the best time period being between 2pm and 2:30pm. About 2 hours before testing, try to reduce water intake as drinking too much water will dilute your urine and make it difficult to detect the peak of luteinizing hormone.

Early pregnancy test strips

The principle of early pregnancy test strips: Early pregnancy test strips detect the concentration of HCG in urine to determine whether pregnancy has occurred. (Note: HCG, or "human chorionic gonadotropin," is a glycoprotein produced by the placenta during pregnancy.)

Usage: Before using a particular brand of early pregnancy test strip, it is best to first read its product instructions because different brands of early pregnancy test strips may have different usage instructions. The following is the general method for using test strips:

  • In general, it is best to test the first morning urine sample, as the concentration of HCG urine test dipstick results is higher at this time. Drinking a lot of water can dilute the urine and cause false negative results, so if testing is not done in the morning, the results may not be accurate.

  • When the test strip is dipped in urine, the results are most stable and accurate after about 5-10 minutes. When the HCG concentration is less than 500 mIU/ml and the test line is very faint, observation time may need to be extended and may require 15 minutes.

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