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Why Do We Have to Use Ovulation Test?

Identifying the ovulation period and scheduling intercourse accordingly is the key to achieving quick pregnancy. But how to identify the ovulation period? It is highly recommended to use ovulation test strips. Why use the best ovulation test?

The ovulation test help predict the ovulation day

The female ovarian follicle matures under the influence of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH). Before ovulation, LH will spike, and the ovulation test strips can monitor the peak. Once the peak appears, it indicates that ovulation will occur within 12-36 hours. Plan intercourse accordingly to achieve quick pregnancy.

Whether the menstrual cycle is regular or not, ovulation test should be used

Some women may calculate their fertile period and ovulation date according to the regularity of their previous menstrual cycles. However, this method is only applicable to those women whose cycle is very regular. The majority of women preparing for pregnancy have irregular menstrual cycles, so their fertile and ovulation periods will be irregular as well. The best home ovulation kit solves this problem.

Taking a picture of the ovulation test and determining the ovulation day

It is highly recommended to use ovulation test strips even for basal body temperature monitoring. Some women preparing for pregnancy may say that basal body temperature can be used to monitor ovulation, and that basal body temperature is used to determine ovulation day. However, there is a delay in determining when the best time is for intercourse when relying on basal body temperature. By the time the ovulation day is determined, the best time for intercourse may have been missed by three days. It is recommended that women preparing for pregnancy use ovulation test and upload pictures to the APP when the fertile period approaches, to avoid missing the actual ovulation day and subsequently missing the best time for intercourse.

The features of the Shecare intelligent ovulation test

  • Unlike other brands of test strips, Shecare bulk ovulation test strips use semi-quantitative technology, making LH measurement more accurate.

  • With one-click upload to the APP, the test results are intelligently recognized and recorded, eliminating manual copying and pasting, and avoiding eye strain when comparing results manually.

  • In addition, the APP to track ovulation test strips will analyze and remind users of the test results and timely remind them of the time for intercourse based on the uploaded test results.

  • Further, the Shecare intelligent ovulation test, combined with basal body temperature monitoring, can generate a double ovulation curve, allowing a clear view of ovulation trends and accurately locking in the ovulation window.

  • At the end of each cycle, Shecare generates a cycle analysis report as a pregnancy preparation note. The report analyzes the quality of ovulation test, basal body temperature, and cervical mucus tests. Shecare provides suggestions for improvement for each test item to ensure that one can achieve quick pregnancy.

  • Different brands of test strips have different positive judgment standards. For other brands of test strips, Shecare algorithm cannot obtain the judgment standards or generate the ovulation curve, let alone predict the ovulation day. Therefore, women preparing for pregnancy must use ovulation test, and it is recommended to use Shecare intelligent ovulation test to achieve quick pregnancy.

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