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How to Measure Basal Body Temperature Accurately?

1. The benefits of measuring basal body temperature

Basal body temperature is a very important part of all physiological information. The benefits of measuring your basal body temperature every morning include:

(1) You can know if you are ovulating.

(2) You can know when you ovulate.

(3) By measuring your basal body temperature you will know when your period is coming.

(4) You can also know whether your luteal phase is normal. A short luteal phase will affect your pregnancy.

2. The method of accurate measurement of basal body temperature

As you can see, basal body temperature is a great tool for self-awareness. But only when you measure the temperature accurately will it work as it should. Let's see how to make temperature measurement accurate.

(1) Step 1: The basal thermometer with APP in your hand should be accurate to two decimal places. The higher the accuracy, the better. Shecare's smart basal thermometer is very accurate and will automatically upload the data to the mobile APP for you. Some women may not see too obvious temperature fluctuations when using a general thermometer because the thermometer used is inaccurate. To measure the basal body temperature, a more accurate thermometer specially designed to measure the basal body temperature must be selected.

(2) Step 2: Put the basal thermometer in your bedside table, or by your bedside. Make it a habit to take your basal body temperature first thing in the morning when you wake up, and having a basal thermometer handy will make it easier to develop.

(3) Step 3: When you wake up in the morning (after sleeping for at least 4 hours) but have not gotten up, turn on the basal thermometer and put it in your mouth and close your mouth tightly. It is very important to measure your basal body temperature as soon as you wake up in the morning before doing anything else. Because physical activity causes your basal body temperature to fluctuate, you must measure your basal body temperature when you wake up in the morning and do not move.

Keep the temperature measurement at the same time period every day, the time difference should not exceed two hours, preferably within one hour. Because if there is a large difference in the measurement time period each day, this will affect the accuracy of your basal body temperature, and may cause the measured temperature to rise or drop significantly compared with the previous one, which makes the conclusions we draw from observing the data are inaccurate or even wrong. Place the probe of the basal body thermometer under your tongue to ensure that the metal probe tip detects an accurate temperature. Then relax and wait for it to vibrate or beep to let you know that the temperature measurement is complete.

(4) Step 4: If you are using the Shecare Smart Basal Thermometer, after you feel the vibration or hear the prompt tone, it means that the temperature measurement is complete, take it out of your mouth and you can continue to take a nap or get busy with other things, when you are free, open the Shecare BBT chart APP and the Shecare smart basal thermometer. The unuploaded basal body temperature record you have measured before will be automatically uploaded to the shecare APP, and the basal body temperature curve will be automatically drawn, which is convenient and intelligent, and eliminates the pain that must be recorded in time. The Shecare Smart Basal Thermometer can store 200 sets of data, and you can open the thermometer and the mobile APP to connect and upload when you have time.

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