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Ovulation test paper is one of the commonly used tools for ovulation detection at home

Although the use of ovulation test strips does not increase your chances of a successful pregnancy if you want to get pregnant quickly, and the best way is to schedule sex every three or four days, there are still many unexpectant mothers who want to know when they are ovulating. Ovulation test strips detect your urine, and there is also an ovulation tester that detects saliva.

1. Ovulation test strips are used to qualitatively detect changes in the level of luteinizing hormone in a woman's urine in vitro

It is used to determine the time of ovulation and the "safe period" in a woman's menstrual cycle for the purpose of choosing the best time to conceive or using "safe period" contraception.

A normal woman ovulates every month. An egg matures in the ovary, is expelled from the ovary, and is transported through the fallopian tube to the uterus. Sperm can survive in the female reproductive tract for about 24-72 hours, while an egg is suitable for fertilization only about 24-36 hours after ovulation. Therefore, 2-3 days before and 1-2 days after ovulation are the fertile period, i.e. 4-5 days before and after ovulation day.

2. The role of ovulation test strips

Ovulation test strips are helpful for women. Through the use of home ovulation kit, they can qualitatively detect the change of luteinizing hormone content in women's urine in vitro, so as to determine the time of ovulation or the safe period in the menstrual cycle, and women can choose the best time to get pregnant.

Some women have weak fertility and therefore need to determine when they are ovulating before having intercourse, so that their chances of conceiving can be increased. Therefore, ovulation test strips can be used to determine the ovulation period so that women can improve their fertility and have intercourse at the right time to have eggs of higher quality, which will help promote the healthy development of the embryo.

Bulk ovulation strips are more common in life and the manufacturers of ovulation test strips and ovulation self-test mirrors claim that "in the laboratory, it has been confirmed that today's early pregnancy test strips are up to 99% accurate".

Smart hardware and mobile app to track ovulation test strips for fertility are in your hands, and as Pregnancy Orange claims, the goal of our project is to make pregnancy and contraception easier and less stressful. Through digital home thermometers and ovulation test trackers, our mission is to empower women's reproductive health by providing them with information and insights about their bodies and health.

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