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Want an Ovulation Curve? SHECARE Testing Kits Can Help You

What is an ovulation curve?

An ovulation curve refers to the curves generated by two types of ovulation monitoring methods: basal body temperature and SHECARE ovulation testing kits. The basal body temperature curve is generated by plotting the basal temperature monitored each day according to the cycle. The trend of the curve can be used to determine ovulation (by indicating the ovulation line), the quality of ovulation, and the likelihood of successful conception. TheSHECARE ovulation testing kits curve is generated by digitizing the ovulation testing kits data and reflecting the LH hormone levels trend.

Why use an ovulation curve?

The SHECARE ovulation testing kits curve can predict ovulation days, while the basal body temperature curve can confirm the exact day of ovulation. Together, they provide double protection and effectively determine ovulation days. For those who only use an electronic thermometer diagram for conception, the optimal conception time may have already passed after the ovulation day is confirmed by 3 days. For those who only use a home ovulation test kit for conception, false positives may occur and it may be difficult to determine the quality of ovulation; however, basal body temperature can solve these problems. Therefore, using an ovulation curve is advantageous:

  • Can accurately predict ovulation days and lock in ovulation within a 12-36 hour window through the combined use of two monitoring methods.

  • The pregnenolone ovulation curve combines the prediction results of the two ovulation monitoring methods into one curve. The curve presents a clear and intuitive picture of when the ovulation period window is, whether the temperature shows a biphasic pattern, how the temperature rises, the quality of the yellow body, the quality of the ovulation, and whether there is a peak in the test paper.

Why can only the SHECARE intelligent ovulation testing kits give you an ovulation curve?

  • Unlike other brands, SHECARE test paper uses a semi-quantitative process, resulting in higher precision in detecting LH, which is necessary for the creation of a smooth curve.

  • SHECARE has also replaced manual recognition of the testing kits results with photo recognition. The algorithm is specially designed for SHECARE ovulation test bulk, which can capture tiny changes in the test paper to find the true peak value.

  • Normally, the depth of color on the test paper can vary even at the same level of LH due to differences in raw materials. Each SHECARE test paper has a unique barcode that represents the batch number of the test paper. The SHECARE algorithm corrects the differences between batches and fine-tunes each reading based on the differences detected to provide a more accurate ratio reading. Only with accurate ratio readings can a precise LH curve be drawn.

  • However, since the standards for ratio readings vary between different test paper brands, SHECARE can only provide ratio values, but cannot determine the specific LH hormone levels based on the ratios. Therefore, SHECARE cannot draw an accurate curve.

Nevertheless, users can still take and save photos of the test paper and the APP can automatically draw an ovulation curve. Users can also set the peak value according to the instructions of other test paper brands. SHECARE algorithms will still reference the peak value for predicting ovulation, but accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, only the SHECARE ovulation testing kits can give you an ovulation curve.

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