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shecare Smart Test Strip Recognition SaaS SDK

Based on millions of user data, the ‘Attention’ mechanism & ‘Deep Learning Technology’ of the convolutional neural network, the ‘shecare+’ algorithm can accurately identify most of the colloidal gold test kits on the market.

Widely used semi-quantitative recognition algorithms in the industry with high recognition accuracy.

Recognition Process is as easy as scanning a ‘QR Code’.

Available for non-strip test paper recognition.

POCT + AI + IoT : Digitized & Intelligent.

What Kinds of Services Could Use an SDK?

Clients who would like to combine basal thermometers, test stripes with digital APP solutions. Aiming at providing scientific and healthy pregnancy preparation plan for thousands of families.

Clients who want to combine smart thermometer&  temperature data together, help to monitor public health conditions during the pandemic.

Advantages of shecare SDK.

1. Widely used recognition algorithms in the industry, with high recognition accuracy.

  • Focus on semi-quantitative recognition, software-based "gold standard reader".

  • Good recognition experience, easy to operate for customers.

  • The recognition method is similar to ‘QR code’ scanning

2. Support non-strip test strip recognition

  • Recognition of "card type" and "pen type" test paper.

  • "Multiple T lines" test paper identification.

  • High medical value.

  • Support single-cycle ovulation day interpretation algorithm.

  • Accurately find the "ovulation day" of the ovulation test paper user.

3. POCT + AI + IOT

  • Reshaping the traditional colloidal gold paper industry: digital, online, intelligent.

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